Hemp Seeds


Hemp differs from marijuana in the amount of THC it produces – you will not get a high from hemp, but it still holds many compounds that can make it an extremely beneficial health supplement.

If you are looking for ways to try and improve your health, adding hemp seeds could be one way to help without much effort. Many of the studies on hemp seeds have been conducted outside of the United States – however that doesn’t make the information any less reliable.

Super Food

Labeled a Super Food, multiple studies are now saying that hemp seeds have a lot to offer – something that is only now being confirmed even though people have been using hemp for over 3,000 years.

Rich in Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals

The first thing you need to know is that hemp seeds are extremely rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, which can naturally cleanse the colon (and also cut down on sugar cravings).

Along with having both types of fiber, the seeds are also made of what is called “perfect protein”. This means that it contains all 20 types of amino acid, which includes the 9 types of essential amino acids which cannot be produced naturally by our own bodies.

omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

The seeds also contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial to cardiovascular health. They are also high in a specific omega-6 fatty acid called gamma linoleic acid, which is also found in egg yolks and is proven to be able to naturally balance hormones.

On top of being full of important acids and proteins and fiber, you will also be happy to hear that hemp seeds are also a great source of a number of different vitamins and minerals. Minerals found in hemp seed include calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc; vitamins include A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D and E.

Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the most beneficial things we can keep in our diet – and different types of antioxidants will benefit different parts of our bodies. Generally we get antioxidants from foods like fruits and vegetables, however hemp seeds are found to have high levels of vitamin E, which is one of the most beneficial antioxidants

Fights Bad Cholesterol and Promotes Heart Health

All those fatty acids we were talking about earlier, omega-3 and omega-6, are essential in preventing bad cholesterol. We know that in order to cut down on bad cholesterol we need to take in less foods filled with unhealthy fats – adding hemp seeds to your diet can be an excellent way to help fight off the bad cholesterol while promoting the good kind. Along with the omega fatty acids the multiple different vitamins and minerals in the seeds are able to help keep your heart health in check.

On top of that, the American Clinical Society analysis found that the high levels of ALA (a-linolenic acid), another important omega-3 fatty acids, “may have favorable nutritional implications and beneficial physiological effects on the prevention of coronary heart disease and cancer”. Basically, they have concluded that these acids might be great for those who are looking to prevent blood clots, stroke and heart disease, which are the most common causes of death in Americans.

Reduces Inflammation

Those omega-6 fatty acids are truly essential to our body’s ability to function properly, including the ability to naturally reduce inflammation. There are lots of causes for inflammation both internally and externally – edema (swelling) can occur due to injury or illness and it can cause serious problems if it persists for too long. As hemp seeds are so rich in both omega-6 and GLA, they are an excellent food to choose if you are looking to reduce inflammation naturally.

Promotes Fat Burning

If you’re trying to lose weight during your quest for better health, then hemp seeds are definitely something you add to your grocery shopping list. Due to the fact that hemp seeds are a “perfect protein” they make an excellent filler that is full of essential nutrients and will keep you fuller, longer

May Aid in Digestion

As well as helping you to burn more calories due to intake of essential vitamins and minerals, hemp seeds may also be beneficial to your digestive health. Since fiber is an extremely important part of our digestion, it should come as no surprise that a food with both soluble and insoluble fiber would make an excellent choice for those with GI issues.


Growing Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

More and more states in the United States are now allowing for the cultivation and use, for growing medical cannabis. Pro medical marijuana and health organizations support use of medical-marijuana strains as prescribed or directed by a doctor, like the American College-of Physicians. There are a number of areas in the world today where use of cannabis is legal (like Netherlands) and semi legal (like the United States – legal on state level in certain states, but illegal-on a Federal-level). If you have a doctor’s prescription for medical-marijuana but can’t find any good dispensaries, and growing of cannabis is legal/semi-legal in your country or state, you may alternatively grow your own.

Steps on how to grow cannabis

Get a doctor’s prescription and make sure your state has medical marijuana laws that are semi-legal.


Choose your seeds according to a medical condition being addressed. For example, the Indica-strain is a relaxant, which is typically used in relieving the symptoms-of multiple sclerosis, tremors, muscle spasms, mobility issues, and pain-management while the Sativa-strain is a stimulant, best for appetite stimulation, pain, migraines, nausea, and also commonly used by HIV AIDS and cancer-patients, however it takes long to mature.


Find a place/location with enough lighting. Whether outdoors or greenhouse, at least six hours of natural sunlight are required. If indoors ensure that your plants’ leaves are strongly lit and are receiving enough sunlight. You’ll require a high-pressure sodium bulb for initial growth, and maybe a different duration of lighting cycle: 18/6 for vegetation and 12/12 for flowering stages.


Germinate your seeds. There are several ways of doing this. 1 way is to fill up a cup up with warm-water and drop your seeds in it. Keep the seeds in a dark-place for about one to three days. When you see a white-root popping out, it is time to plant your seeds.


Decide if the seeds should be grown naturally/organically or using the chemical fertilizers. The herb will be smoked, meaning it may be much healthier to use only natural ingredients. Some chemicals may give your bud an undesirable and bad chemical-taste, though they may be much cheaper and rather easier to dose the plants accurately.


Plant the seeds in starter soil in-a small pot. The seeds should be sprouted in starter-soil or unfertilized-soil, as fertilized-soil may hurt your young plant. A seed carries with it its own supply of nutrients-for the initial growth. Pure pea-moss or very lightly-fertilized pea-moss can be used.


Water the soil well and then make or bore a hole about half in. into the prepared soil and drop the seed in that hole with its root facing tip-pointing up; the root will look for the heat-of the soil surface, get close, and then turn downwards and pull the opening-leaves above the soil-surface.


Cover your seeds and keep the soil-moist until the baby plants appear and begin to grow. Let the plants grow in the pots for about 2 weeks. Provide the plants with 18-24 hours of lighting per day. If you are using artificial lighting, use fluorescent-lights. Don’t use the more powerful types-of grow lights. Don’t let the plants get too cold or too hot, 70-75F should be enough. Provide adequate moving fresh air with a fan.


Prepare the fertilized-soil in a larger-pot. Take a 5-gallon plant pot and then clean it thoroughly. 1st fill the bottom of that pot with peat-moss to about 1 inch. This will help the sewage which the plants give off drain well. Fill the pot-to the top with fine potting soil. Best use an organic-soil blend like VermiT fire. Avoid Miracle Grow products.
Transfer your young plants. Dig holes in the now large well prepared pots and then carefully move your young plants from the small pots. Gently place them in the holes and gently fill-in the holes, be careful not to overly-compact the soil. Water the plants, but don’t over water.

Watch them grow


Hemp Seed Nutrition

Hemp Nutrition

Cannabis plant

Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant, which is well known for its durable fiber. The Cannabis plants are edible and they are used in a many products. The variety of Cannabis plant that produces the hemp seeds contains extremely low levels of THC, which is considered in most countries as a drug. The levels are so low that it is not possible to use the industrial hemp as a drug. However, the plant is illegal to grow in the United States, even for culinary purposes. Most of the hemp seeds found in the market in the U.S. are grown in other countries, such as Canada.

Nutritional Benefits

Cannabis is one of the most nutritious plants in the world. They are an ideal source of proteins for raw food diets and for vegan diets because they contain all of the essential amino acids.


The proteins found in them are easily digestible. They do not cause gas or bloating, unlikely some other proteins such as whey. And, unlike soy, they don’t contain phytic acid that prevents us absorbing minerals. For those people who are allergic to soy protein, they make a great alternative. The two main proteins that can be found in them are albumin and edestin. Both of them contain a significant amount of nutritional essential amino acids that are easily digested. They also contain high levels of the amino acid called arginine.

essential fatty acids

The essential fatty acids in them come in the perfect ratio of three to one omega 6 to omega 3 fats. Omega fat acids have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the bad cholesterol levels, and protect our heart against developing cardiovascular diseases. The active compound called GLA that can be found in them and have many health benefits, such as supporting a healthy metabolism and facilitating fat burning, and supporting healthy skin, nails, and hair. They also are high in content of fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. They also contain antioxidants such as the vitamin E. They also are rich in phytonutrients that protect against a number of diseases.
They have been used in traditional oriental medicine for thousands of years, to treat various disorders.


They are used in many products that you can find in health food stores. Some of them, such as ground hemp flour and hemp milk are also easy to make from the seeds at home. Other products are more difficult to replicate, such as hemp ice cream, hemp oil, or hemp protein powder. You can use them in baking and cooking, added to smoothies, as topping on granola and puddings, or over a salad. You can also consume them in raw state, which preserves the most of their nutritional content.

Some benefits associated with hempseed

Hempseed oil

A few of the positive benefits of hempseed oil include the ability to lower blood sugar levels which will aid in sleep. This means that if you have high blood sugar and have problems sleeping, then this seed can help you get a great night’s rest, and you can reduce your blood sugar levels all at the same time.

If you are suffering from an illness that is causing you to feel nauseous often, and you find yourself vomiting on a regular basis, then you will love taking some form of cannabis oil, as it will not take too long to start feeling the effects of it.


If you have psoriasis and you have tried everything from special creams and lotions to prescriptions to treat it, but have never had any luck with any of those things? You will be surprised to know that you can use hemp oil to treat psoriasis. If you have psoriasis, then you know how awful the itching and the redness can be, and it can be embarrassing for many people, especially if they have it on their face. If you are sick and tired of living with psoriasis and you have tried everything to treat it, then now is the time to get your hands on some of this awesome stuff. If you use the oil on a regular basis, then you will start feeling relief soon.

Increase Your Alertness

There has been some research that shows that hemp can actually increase your alertness, but more research is needed in this area. However, many people have reported an increase in alertness. You may feel like you have a hard time staying focus, and if that is the case, then it may be worth trying out some of this health oil.


The health benefits associated previously are just a few of the benefits of using this seed. There are other important benefits, such as reducing the feeling of anxiety. If you do not like taking prescriptions to treat your anxiety, then you should start using this over the counter item. It does not take a long time to start feeling less anxious, and you will finally be able to live a life virtually free of anxiety.


Inflammation is something that many people do not like to deal with, regardless of what it is that is inflamed. This oil has been proven to reduce inflammation. You do not have to rely on over-the-counter products or other medicines to get pain relief, when this can help you get relief from pain.

As an omega 3fatty acid it is as good as it gets and it will help with lower blood pressure and heart disease. It is worth taking, and best of all it is affordable and there are no serious health risks that are associated with taking it. So what are you waiting for, get your hands on some CBD today and start feeling and seeing the benefits it has to offer.





Marijuana Stems

Understanding the facts

Understanding the facts about marijuana stems and the effects they could have on
you when you don’t just throw them away.

Will stems get

Will stems get you high if you smoke them? Probably not and it’s not just the
same as puffing on the weed. You could try eating marijuana stems,
chewing marijuana stems or making marijuana stem tea.If so, were you successful at it?

First smoking

First, smoking them is not a good idea. First of all, they don’t burn properly and there
will be a good chance that you will get a headache, plus the smell is like bad
incest .

Get high

Do they get you high, not really? There doesn’t appear to be enough TCH in them to give you
a good buzz, at least not like alcohol can or puffing on the
real thing. And there is always the chance of being stopped for a drug test and
being arrested; depending upon what state you are in.

Marijuana stem tea

Why not just make some marijuana stem tea.
This will mean that cooking with them is defiantly a little different If
you do cook them make sure there are no seeds because they can pop like
popcorn. And again, you should bring some honey because it may taste a
little bitter. So having tea in my summer is just different way of using my
weed stems and not smoking weed will keep me free of any drug test. And no it
probably will not make you sterile.

Think about

Think about these reasons and how they apply to your situation. In conclusion I suggest that
you just throw them away.


Hemp Oil

Buying Hemp

When it comes to buying hemp there is a diverse range of interesting products available. It is not without good reason that up until recent time’s hemp was an important agricultural crop. After all, it was only pressure from the pharmaceutical and paper industries that led to its prohibition.


When we talk about hemp we should not get confused with marijuana or pot. The actual amount of the psychoactive substance THC found in a typical hemp plant is minute. You would not be able to get high from smoking a hemp plant but you can receive a range of health benefits by consuming hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

It was not until fairly recently that serious research was done into the medicinal effects of hemp oil, though it has been used as a traditional part of Chinese and Indian medicine for millennia. Today it is once again in the news as more people are discovering how it can help them.

omega 3 and omega 6

The oil is loaded with essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 as well as unsaturated fats. Essential fatty acids are fundamental for maintaining a healthy body. It also contains various minerals, vitamins, and protein. It makes a wonderful dietary supplement. As much as thirty five per cent of the weight of a typical seed is actually oil.

Immune System

It has also been discovered that the oil is a very effective treatment for burns and other skin conditions. Another interesting benefit is that if taken regularly, the oil can strengthen the immune system. Menstrual problems, indigestion, anorexia, infection, asthma, high cholesterol, hypertension, and inflammatory conditions such as glaucoma and arthritis can all be reduced by the correct intake of hemp oil.

If you are to place an order online just make sure that the laws and regulations in your country allow you to do so. Buying hemp is very different than pot this should not be a problem.


Hemp Omega


What are Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids?

 Why do people need Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids?

There are many kinds of fats, but only two kinds of essential fats: Omega 3 (n-3 or w3) and omega 6 (n-6 or w6), both of which are unsaturated fats.

Each EFA is turned into several derivatives by the body. All other fats, such as Omega 9 (monounsaturated), Omega 7, and saturated fat, are non-essentials as the body produces them from sugars and starches.

Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids are necessary for survival. The problem is that the human organism cannot manufacture them or refine them from any other part of the diet, making it necessary to get EFA’s from an outside food source.

Why do people need Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids?

Hemp Oil Seed

Hemp Oil Seeds are an excellent source, for the Omegas



Hemp Protein


Hemp protein benefits are many and are a
good alternative to whey based supplements, especially if you are vegan.
Organic hemp protein powder will give you all the protein you need without the
whey. During my hemp protein review I discovered that it was commonly used in
ancient times as a meal source. Just a small amount of hemp seed would provide
a person all the nutrition they would need to survive for a month.

In this plant, you get protein including albumin and globulin together with
high levels of essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, dietary
insoluble fiber which can reduce food cravings and improve circulation. Thirty
grams of this contains 8 grams of fiber together with antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals and chlorophyll while delivering no sugar, or cholesterol.

Hemp seed is a very versatile plant that can be used for making twine, clothes,
fuel and food. Plus there aren’t any known allergies from buying hemp. The
seeds are pulverized into a powder from the hemp oil seed plants.

The hemp powder is in the same cannabis
family as marijuana, but it isn’t hallucinogenic or addictive. However there is
a downside for using hemp protein bodybuilding and that is the cost and taste.
On the cost you are on your own but as for the taste I just mix it with some
fruit juice or my old standby honey



Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry Marijuana is a very stable cannabis strain, and is one of the
greatest indoor pot seeds known to man. This plant weed has a tendency
to resemble blueberries when fully grown and will turn blue or purple as
opposed to green. The finished cure color of this bud actually looks more
like lavender blue. The dealer will usually roll them in a blueberry flavored
wrapping paper, hence the name blueberry joint. And when you smoke it the
very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry is present hence the name. I would
like to mention that there is more than one strain of this best marijuana including
such names as blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry.

In doors or outside

While blueberry is a sativa/ indica mix, it is mostly considered an indica
cross. This strain does just as well in doors or outside, just make sure
you buy from a reputable source. This variety is somewhat easy to grow, within
a 60-70 day cycle the leaves will turn mature. How to grow it
indoors, just try and keep the temperature at 70 degrees or just below
which will help make the end product, a more lovely shade of purple and finally
blue. The growth is of a medium height with full branching in the lower limbs
with dark leaves and stems. Growing outdoors you might want to add some organic

High in THC

This strain has a high of the highest levels in THC and will produce a
notable and pleasantly long lasting buzz of the highest quality and it probably
will make you forget where you are going for awhile. It smokes very smooth, no
headaches or munchies needed. However choose your smoking location wisely,
because the aroma will alert everyone that the smoking lamp is on. It has
become very popular since 2000, plus it has a long shelf life.

Medical Marijuana

It is one of the most widely used medical marijuana strains, due to its
abundant medical properties. Some of the medical areas of interest are for
chronic pain, muscle spasm, insomnia, aids, depression disorder and relive of
pain from cancer. The state of California legally allows it with a
prescription from dispensaries.